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Is Tollywood bigger than Bollywood?

Do you honestly believe that? Tollywood is only roughly 90 years old, with the first film released in the year 1932. Bollywood has always played a larger role in the Indian film industry, and it celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. However, we need not compare it to its establishment; rather, we should look at the differences between the two in terms of many factors. To find out which industry is bigger, continue reading.

Bhakta Prahlada (1932), the first Telugu-language full-length sound film (transl. Prahlada, the Devotee), is based on Hindu mythology’s Prahlada and Narasimha. It is directed by H. M. Reddy, a pioneer in the Indian film business. “Bollywood films that enjoy both national and international markets make roughly Rs 200 crore,” says producer-director Tammareddy Bharadwaj. And these regional films, which were only distributed in one state, have already generated a lot of money.” A Tollywood film with a well-known actor costs roughly Rs 45 crore on average, which adds to the sense of revenue pride. Profit is the only thing that matters.

It will be an unfair competition between the two because only a handful of Tollywood films, such as Robot and Bahubali 1 and 2, have been hugely successful internationally. However, we cannot deny that Bollywood made a contribution in some form or another. Bollywood actresses are admired by Tollywood directors for their light skin and the flash and glam they bring to films. In a recent trend, Tollywood has brought in Bollywood villains like Sayaji Shinde, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rahul Dev, and Milind Soman, who have flexed their muscles here and charge up to Rs 20 lakh every film.

As a result, it is illogical to say that Tollywood, the regional film industry, is larger than Bollywood.

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