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What is the story of movie Aadmi Aur Insaan?

Aadmi Aur Insaan is a Hindi film directed by Yash Chopra and produced by B. R. Chopra in 1969. Dharmendra, Saira Banu, Feroz Khan, Mumtaz, Johnny Walker, Madan Puri, Ajit, Anwar, Iftekhar, Achla Sachdev, Kamini Kaushal, and Ajit, Anwar and Nazima star in the film. Ravi composed the music for the film, and Sahir Ludhiyanvi wrote the lyrics. The song ‘Zindagi Ittefaq Hai’ is still popular. This is the only time Yash Chopra and Dharmendra have collaborated on a film.

Jai Kishan, a wealthy and self-sufficient industrialist, befriends Munish Mehra (Dharmendra), a young man from a middle-class family, financially aids him in obtaining the requisite engineering certifications, and then hires him on one of his building projects. Meena Khanna (Saira Banu) is a government official’s daughter.

Aadmi Aur Insaan

Munish and Meena are introduced and fall in love. Jai is drawn to Meena as well. Soon later, Jai learns that Munish is in love with Meena, and he becomes infuriated. Munish gets fired as a result, and he is assured that he will not be employed anyplace else.

Munish is employed by the government after several failed attempts to find work and is ordered to investigate the collapse of a railway bridge. Munish discovers that Jai was directly responsible for the accident since he utilized inferior materials. Munish now has the means to exact vengeance on Jai and destroy him, and he notifies his boss. When it comes time for Munish to submit a comprehensive report, however, he refuses, leaving the government with no choice but to prosecute him in court for collecting bribes and destroying his report. And it is none other than Jai who is testifying against him.

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