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Which are the top 5 Christmas movies on Netflix?

When it comes to streaming services, Netflix has to be one of the most well-known and easily accessible. Not only does the platform feature a large number of classic movies, but it also boasts a number of original films and shows that have helped it become the powerhouse that it is today. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose, especially as we approach the holiday season and are seeking Christmas movies that range from family fare to comedy to romance.

1. White Christmas (1954): 

White Christmas

Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, both World War II veterans, partner up with performing sisters Betty and Judy Haynes to put on a holiday show in the little Vermont village of Pine Tree. When they arrive, they check into the abandoned Columbia Inn, only to discover that the faltering business is owned by none other than Bob and Phil’s former army commanding general, General Thomas G. Waverly.

2. The Holiday (2006): 

  The Holiday

Practically in The Holiday film all of the four main characters are walking red flags, but that’s something you have to expect and accept in many a famous Christmas film.

3. A Very Harold & Christmas (2011): 

A Very Harold & Christmas

Here’s a slightly raunchier and more ridiculous Christmas film for you, as the Harold & Kumar franchise’s titular characters serve you an R-rated buddy stoner comedy set over the holiday season.

4. A Very Murray Christmas (2015): 

A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix

This Netflix Original Christmas special movie, directed by Sofia Coppola and helmed by comic icon and SNL alum Bill Murray, is a parade of stars, music, and seasonal cheer. Murray is forced to cancel his live Christmas special after being snowed in at New York City’s Carlyle Hotel in this satirical Netflix comedy.

5. Angela’s Christmas (2017): 

 Angela’s Christmas

Angela’s Christmas is the perfect short movie to watch with kids this holiday season, clocking in at just 30 minutes. The award-winning Netflix Original animation is set in 1910s Limerick, Ireland, and follows little Irish lass Angela as she tries to make everyone feel loved, protected, and cared for over the Christmas season.

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