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Ye Mard Bechara Movie Review: Family Entertainer With A Social Message

Stars Amidst all the mega-budget movies and series, here comes a heart-touching and soulful family drama, revolving around a man finding his true voice and shunning away toxic masculinity. There is a whole bunch of definitions about what a real man is? But there isn’t a simple definition of just a man, until now, Ye Mard Bechara is written and directed by Annup Thapa, highlighting the issue of rampant toxic masculinity and confused man, who wants to be more humane but can’t! Veteran actor Seema Pahwa, Brijendra Kala, and Sapna Sand, Atul Srivastava and Manikk Choudhary lead the cast withdebutante Veeraj Rao and Manukriti Pahwa.

The film not only addresses the issue of gender equality but provides insight for both genders as to what they are doing wrong and the answer to the whole riddle is simple, be kind! Set against the backdrop of Faridabad, the story revolves around Shivam, who lives with his family, a typical household, where the father is the breadwinner, mother is the home-maker and there is a ridiculous definition of being a real man in the world.

Ye Mard Bechara Movie Review: Family Entertainer With A SocialMessage
Ye Mard Bechara

Sensitive and humane Shivam finds himself amidst war with himself because on the one hand, he knows what betaught to him by his peers and family is wrong but he dare not go against them,on the other hand, his wife, who also takes the wrong path as the older generation and rather than understanding the pressure Shivam is under, decides to leave him. What happens next, for that you need to watch the film, which is, needless to say, is quite well put together and enjoyable. The film is absolutely clear of all the nonsense and doesn’t deviate from its core narrative.

Veterans like Seema Pahwa, BrijendraKala, and Atul Srivastava are superb as always. The debutante Manukriti holds her ground and delivers without a false note. The message is clear in the movie, there is no need to hide away from your true feelings, and there is absolutely no need to follow someone’s bad advice. The film is a must-watch for rural teenagers, who are confused about masculinity.

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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