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Why is it that when someone gets hurt in a scene in the K dramas, the next scene doesn’t show the scars or anything, they just magically disappear?

In each K-drama, the future is predictable. Yes, including the one you’ve just begun watching with the vivacious female lead, her slightly gloomy male co-star, and the developing love triangle with the dashing good-looking guy. You’ll have to determine whether your current drama ends in gloriously fulfilling happiness or heartbreakingly bittersweet grief for the main characters; we can’t tell you exactly what it has in store for them. However, there are several common narrative developments that will almost always occur throughout each K-drama, and we bet that the drama you are now watching features more than a few of these. Wondering what you could see? Read on!

We often wonder what happens when the love interest of a K-drama character isn’t present to make sure they wake up in time for their stop because protagonists from K-dramas sometimes fall asleep on buses. Do they simply spend hours dozing off on buses as they go about Seoul? Do they snooze on random people? Regardless, you can safely anticipate that one of these situations will appear if the main character in your K-drama rides the bus or train:

The female lead will fall because she is a likable character, but she will do so directly into the arms of a gorgeous, dashing male lead since she can only be so likable when she is destined to end up with such a handsome, dashing male lead.

When they were younger, one of them saved the other’s life, or they were each other’s first loves, the main pair turned out to be long-lost childhood best friends. Since Episode 1, the drama has been dropping indications, so of course, you knew this all along. Nevertheless, the program will continue to play out this discovery as dramatically as if you were unaware of who the Oppa in all those flashbacks was.

And if not both parties, at least one of them is not too pleased about it. But that will undoubtedly change very fast since nothing fosters romance like forcing two incredibly handsome people to live together.

When this story device appears, sometimes we can see it coming, but other times it comes out of nowhere, such when a huge 18-wheeler careens recklessly down a highway in Seoul and collides with the lone occupant of a car or pedestrian on an otherwise vacant street.

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